Sunday, March 28, 2010

Julie & Julia

This is just a quick blog, and atypical of what I usually write here. Before I start though, I'll address my terrible lack of recipes; I have no excuse. I'm really bad at this, aren't I? Anyway, I haven't done a lot of cooking or baking that was outside the realms of boring or need-to-eat-for-dinner. And I just have to say, when I'm cooking for dinner, I don't have time to take pictures. But even if you, my imaginary readers, do not like that aspect of my blog - I do. I want this to be a recipe book, one that covers any problem you might have, and gives an example. So. Um. Wasn't that quick? And I haven't even got onto what I actually wanted to discuss.

It took me a long time to see Julie & Julia, mostly because the only people who would go to it with me, went without me. I finally hired it out on dvd, and I have got to say, it's adorable. I love it to pieces. Meryl Streep is fantastically fantastic and it's amazing how much food is incorporated into the movie without being... tedious. Over reaching. Condescending. Personally, I liked the bits focusing on Julia and her husband the most, but I suspect that may be because Julie and her husband provided strategic interludes that stopped it from becomming twee.

My favourite scene in the entire movie is when Julia at home in Paris, madly chopping onions at her battered old wooden table. It's just so deliciously insane and giggly. Kind of made me want to go and crazily hack at some poor vegetable. Unfortunately, my knife skills do not live up to those demonstrated.

So in short, watch the movie. Please do. Even if you're not a foodie (closet or otherwise), it really is endearing and fun.