Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Beginning

Well, hello to any and all that are reading this blog! I have no idea how to start this little project of mine, so how about I tell you about myself, and what my intentions are for my little corner of the internet.

[Cue inspiration].

So who are you?
My name is Lisette, but more often than not, I go by izmi on the internet. I'm 23 years old and I live in New Zealand.

What is this blog supposed to be about?
Cooking. Baking. Food and its consumption. I'm kind of crazy about it; I love preparing it in its many forms, though I am especially partial to baking.

Got any relevant qualifications?
Other than a love for it? Not at all. My qualifications run the English and Ancient History kind of way. But I haven't poisoned anyone yet! So that's a bonus, right?

I'll spare you the full and detailed list. Surely you can survive with the basics. Here we go... Books, cooking and baking (obviously), animals and their care, debating, 80s colours and graphic prints, sleep, history (specifically Ancient Greece and Elizabethan). I adore almost all Shakespearian plays, and my favourites are Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, Merchant of Venice and Taming of the Shrew.

More details please!
Okay, well, I have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate. You'll soon discover how unhealthy. I day dream a lot, and I am rather obsessive. I do house cleaning at odd hours of the morning. I come from a large extended family, and I am pretty close with all of them. Quite a few of the dishes you see here will be destined for the table at a family gathering.

Anything else we should know?
I do have a chronic illness (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: see here), so it may affect the frequency with which I post sometimes. I'm somewhat mad, and I love it. My brand of madness comes with a crazy and often sarcastic sense of humour, so just be aware!

Well, that seemed to work relatively well. I'll leave on a high note!

- Lisette.

[ps: The first recipe will be up within a few days.]

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